30 People Share the Most Satisfying transformation photos of their adopted dogs

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Many people love dogs more than other animals. It’s an intelligent creature that can understand a person very well. Not only as pets, but dogs also work in the military and medical fieldsnow. It all boasts the intelligence and bravery that reside inside these animals.

Apart from that, People think that going to a kennel Shop is the best way to find your best friend.You can go and buy any breed you Like with fewer complications.With kennels becoming a trend, people have long since forgotten the vulnerable rescued dogs in Animal Shelters. These shelters get filled From time to time. The main reason is that many people don’t like to adopt rescued dogs. They indeed come with so many Complications,but if humans didn’t help them survive, who else canthey turn to?

We gathered the 30 most lovely photos showing transformation in rescued dogs after they found their forever homer. Reddit users uploaded these pictures to the group of r/BeforeNAfterAdoption.These innocent creatures want nothing morethan love and care to heal. These transformations were unbelievable. And the twinkle in their eyes says it all.

You can scroll down to sharetheir happiness.

  • Her look says it all. Before and two yearsafter, the transformation is inspiring
Image source: justwantedquiet
  • Meet Toby. Now he can run around everywhere as much as he like
Image source: wacha23
  • This is Maya. Look at all that healthy fur
Image source: FloppyWallaby
  • A couple rescued Buck in August 2019. Now he’s healthier than ever
Image source: swn96
  • This is before and six yearsafter the adoption of luna
Image source: mugglequeen
  • A little bit of love and empathy saved this guy’s poor life
Image source: forestfae333


  • He only had three months to live due to cirrhosis. But after one year, he’s healthier than ever.
Image source: randomgurl1234
  • Look at those ears. They are screaming with happiness
Image source: MyPalJosie
  • How adorable is Marmalade after ayear
Image source: papalaponape
  • I can’t pronounce enough how healthy he looks after being rescued
Image source: Ogamiya
  • Look at that smile!
Image source: mmsharpshooter3
  • She looks mighty fit. Not a bit of sadness in her eyes
Image source: animallover42069
  • Before adoption Vs 11 years later
Image source: minerva0309
  • This is Remi. A month after adoption from the Dominican Republic
Image source: Knottygirl420
  • The change a few monthsCando
Image source: nothinbutsomethinnew
  • A group rescued Olly From a Korean restaurant. Look athim after two years of adoption
Image source: reddit.com
  • Blind Mr Rogers had to stay with the vet, But he looks incrediblenow
Image source: gkstacey
  • Check out the change of expression in his eyes
Image source: Sibel_Rac


  • This cutie was used as a bait dog. But she found hope
Image source: ChronicallyBrookelyn
  • The cruelty this dog had to undergo is heartbreaking, but he was lucky
Image source: caitiesfosterfam
  • Millie was rescued in Mississippi
Image source: incub8r
  • This sweet pup was thrown out of a moving car!
Image source: _adrinthesky_
  • Nipsy Found her forever home too!
Image source: Spirited_Charge6191
  • At first, this guy was afraid of everything. Now he’s the most Curious dog ever
Image source: tiny_titanic
  • He found his lost smile
Image source: reddit.com
  • Doesn’t Holly look healthier after eight years?
Image source: not_very_hopeful
  • Someone left him in a plastic bag. He’s lucky to get rescued
Image source: not_very_hopeful
  • The transformation in less than a year
Image source: 009774425
  • This is Birch.
Image source: bl00j
  • Look at this fluff ball!Salute to all the animal rescuers across the world.
Image source: dogrescueteam



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