Melissa Joan Hart Uncovers the Odd Souvenir She Took from the ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ Set

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Melissa Joan Hart has kept an unexpected souvenir from her days as Sabrina the Teenage Witch – a piece of her own face! Despite the hit show ending over 20 years ago, the actress still feels a strong connection to her iconic role.

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In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, the now 48-year-old Hart reminisced about some of the props and set pieces she took home after filming wrapped. “I have some candlestick holders and Italian pottery things that hung on the wall in my pantry,” she revealed. But the weirdest keepsake? “I have a piece of my face from the episode where I fell apart.”

She’s referring to the season 6 finale “I Fall to Pieces,” where Sabrina gets turned to stone and crumbles. Apparently a fragment of the prop face used for that scene made its way into Hart’s personal collection.

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This penchant for holding onto mementos started early. Hart says the first time she directed an episode, she took home a propeller from an airplane that was supposed to break off during a scene. “The whole crew signed it for me,” she said. It now sits proudly displayed on her bookshelf.

Of course, playing the ever-optimistic Sabrina for seven seasons from 1996-2003 wasn’t always easy. “Not only was she younger than me, she didn’t want attention,” Hart explained of her character’s personality differing from her own. Having to portray a teenager while in her 20s added an extra challenge.

But the constantly changing storylines that saw Sabrina taking on roles like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and a trapeze artist made the job exciting. “I loved that I got to play so many different parts,” said Hart.

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These days, the former child star’s focus has shifted to philanthropic work with organizations like World Vision, as well as raising her three sons with husband Mark Wilkerson. Having grown up as the oldest of eight kids, Hart says she’s always felt a “responsibility to nurture” – whether that means supporting impoverished communities or her own family

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