Suri Cruise Appears to Ditch Dad’s Name After Years of Estrangement

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In what seems to be a symbolic move, Suri Cruise opted to drop her famous father’s last name for her recent starring role in her high school musical. The 18-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes went by “Suri Noelle” in the playbill for her turn as Princess Philoclea in the jukebox musical “Head Over Heels.”

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Using her mother’s middle name Noelle instead of her father’s surname Cruise feels like the latest statement in Suri’s long-reported estrangement from her dad. Though Tom helped create her nearly two decades ago, multiple sources over the years have claimed the teenager has been raised solely by her mom Katie in New York after their 2012 divorce.

“He chose his cult over his child,” one person bluntly commented online about Tom’s apparent prioritization of Scientology over fatherhood. The “Mission: Impossible” star has been an outspoken advocate for the controversial religion, which is known to shun those who leave as “suppressive persons” by cutting off all contact.

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In a 2013 deposition, Tom even admitted Katie filed for divorce “to protect Suri from Scientology.” So while the mega-watt movie star paid Holmes a hefty $4.8 million in child support and agreed to cover Suri’s expenses, he seems to have sacrificed that relationship with his only daughter.

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These days, the fresh-faced high schooler whose air of privilege used to be tabloid fodder is simply focusing on her passions and tight bond with her mom. Suri has already recorded vocals for Katie’s films, with the proud parent saying in 2022, “She’s very talented. I let her do her thing.”

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Attending Suri’s musical alongside Katie’s own parents, the Hollywood scion looked every bit the beaming, doting mother as her daughter took the stage rocking blue hair and channeling her clear artistic spirit. With or without her father’s support, this modern metallic “Mean Girls” appears to be doing just fine leaning on her equally famous mom.

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