Mermaid weddings made possible

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It’s the biggest, most significant, and happiest ceremony of one’s life—a celebration of love.

It’s where you enter the next stage of life. It seals the love that two people share. Also, it’s the event where everybody joins in on the happiness of a couple. 

People spend months, if not years planning out their perfect wedding ceremony. It’s not an easy task as well. No one needs anything to spoil even a second from the happiest event of their lives. Therefore it’s not a surprise that people plan everything to perfection. For girls, especially, it’s the most meaningful ceremony they have dreamed of since they are young. 

They daydream about how exactly they need to have their wedding. That list never ends; about how their grooms should look, what kind of a wedding they need, the theme, dresses, venue, time, decorations, guest list, food, other fun events, etc. 

But at one point or another, we all dream of having a fairytale welding. We have planned it out since we were kids. But in reality, it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes it’s simply impossible. Maybe it’s too expensive and out of your budget or unrealistic. Still, we girls can’t stop thinking about those dreamy fairytales like weddings, now can we? 

Recently, we came across something interesting. A bridal shop opened up in the united kingdom to fulfill a fairytale dream of some people. It’s called MermaidUK, and they are a dedicated shop solely filled with everything you need to have a mermaid-themed wedding. Dresses, mermaid tails, crowns, and other jewelry, makeup, and MermaidsUK even provide the photoshoot. 

If you’re a die-hard fan of princess ariel and the little mermaid, this is the perfect opportunity to have a mermaid-themed wedding. All you have to do is convince your partner to be a mermaid or a merman. How fun would it be? To have your bridesmaid and best men dress up as mermaids alongside you? It would be so much fun and an unforgettable experience simultaneously. Also, think of how much your unique wedding would stand out among other weddings? 

We also found some photos of a beautiful mermaid wedding made possible by the backup of MermaidsUK. 

Please scroll down to look at their pictures. The smiles on their faces say how happy they are. If you’re a UK citizen, I guess you’re in luck. 


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