Miley Cyrus Comes Clean About Lying to Liam Hemsworth Over Losing Her Virginity

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The world was shocked when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called it quits on their marriage back in 2019, but it turns out there was a huge secret weighing on their relationship for years. In a shockingly honest interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the “Wrecking Ball” singer revealed she had been lying to her Aussie ex about when she truly lost her virginity.

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Here’s the deal – Miley and Liam famously met as co-stars on the set of the 2010 romantic drama The Last Song when they were just teenagers. While their on-screen chemistry sizzled, things really heated up off-screen too as they began a real-life romance that lasted on-and-off for nearly a decade before tying the knot in December 2018.

However, according to Miley’s confession, she wasn’t exactly truthful with Liam in those early days about one pivotal moment – taking things all the way for the first time. The reason? She was worried Liam might see her as lame or naive for still being a virgin at 16 when they first hooked up.

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In her own words, Miley admitted: “I lied and said he wasn’t my first so I didn’t seem like a loser.” She flat-out made up a story about previously sleeping with some other guy just to preserve her image and sense of experience in Liam’s eyes.

That fib about popping her cherry earlier than she really did stuck with Miley for years too. It wasn’t until one of Liam’s buddies got engaged to the made-up person she had used as her cover story that she finally came clean at 24, nearly a decade after first spinning her tale.

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Adding an extra awkward layer, Miley revealed she actually did lose her virginity to Liam when they took their relationship to that ultra-intimate level while filming their movie. So while she may have sold him a fake backstory initially, he ultimately became the guy to make her a woman, so to speak.

Of course, lying for that long couldn’t have helped the long-term trust and stability of their bond. Combined with other strains like the trauma of losing their Malibu home in the 2018 California wildfires, it’s easy to see how cracks formed in their marriage’s foundation before Liam pulled the plug less than a year after their wedding day.

For Miley’s part, she’s owning up to her mistakes and prioritizing authenticity in her life these days. She shared that a turning point came during her 2019 Glastonbury performance when she realized projecting a persona on stage wasn’t fulfilling her true needs and happiness as a human being anymore.

Whether you love her edgy posts or cringe at her outrageous outfits, you’ve got to respect Miley keeping it real by taking accountability for past deceptions – even ones as deeply personal as this. Honesty really is the best policy, even if it means exposing your younger self as kind of a fraud occasionally!

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