Unveiling Her Transformation: Woman with Extreme Cheek Fillers Shares Pre-Surgery Photos

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In a move that has sparked both fascination and controversy, Anastasia Pokreshchuk, the 36-year-old model from Kyiv, Ukraine, has pulled back the curtain on her jaw-dropping cosmetic transformation. Known for her strikingly exaggerated cheeks, a look she has achieved through extensive use of facial fillers, Anastasia recently shared a rare glimpse of her natural appearance from years past.

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Taking to Instagram, where she has amassed over 628,000 followers, Anastasia posted side-by-side photos – one from her mid-20s and another from her mid-30s, both before undergoing any cosmetic procedures. The contrast is striking, revealing a fresh-faced young woman with a delicate, unenhanced visage that bears little resemblance to her current, dramatically altered look.

But Anastasia’s physical metamorphosis extends far beyond just her cheeks. In interviews, she has revealed spending upwards of $2,000 on procedures including facial fillers to augment her cheeks and jawline, Botox injections, a Brazilian butt lift, and breast augmentation surgery. Her transformed appearance has catapulted her to viral fame, earning her both ardent admirers and harsh critics.

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Despite the constant barrage of online trolls and naysayers, Anastasia remains steadfastly confident and unapologetic about her choices. When one commenter cruelly declared that “nobody would find her attractive,” she fired back with palpable defiance: I can’t comprehend this way of thinking at all. It doesn’t matter to me what others say because this is my face, and I have to like it, not you. This is my face and my life. You’re not going to live my life for me, okay?

In a 2020 interview on the popular British talk show This Morning, Anastasia opened up about her former insecurities that drove her to seek such an extreme makeover. “I look at my pictures from years ago and I think that I’m ugly. I didn’t like how I looked, but you can change it no problem. I didn’t like my face, I looked like a hamster,” she candidly admitted.



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While the onslaught of negativity from online trolls continues, Anastasia brushes it off with characteristic nonchalance. “I get hate comments online all the time – no one has the confidence to say it in person. In real life, people want to hug me and take pictures with me. It’s so nice!” she told the Daily Mail.

Throughout her transformation, Anastasia’s biggest champion has been her mother, who has embraced her daughter’s new, head-turning look. “My mother tells me that I looked beautiful before of course, but now she calls me ‘exotic’,” Anastasia shared. “She is my best friend and the best possible support I could ask for.”


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In an era where conventional beauty standards are increasingly challenged and redefined, Anastasia Pokreshchuk’s unabashed ownership of her unique, artificially-enhanced look is a bold statement of self-expression and autonomy over one’s own body and identity. Love it or hate it, her transformation has captured global attention and sparked a dialogue about the lengths some will go to achieve their desired look.

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