Nature Is Reclaiming 15 Abandoned Wyoming Locations

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Gone but never forgotten Here are some photos of abandoned sites in Wyoming that were once bustling with activity but are now deserted and in disarray. Even if these scary Wyoming locations are no longer maintained, vestiges remain as a reminder of the bygone past. If only these abandoned buildings could speak. What stories they’d tell.

#1  An abandoned cabin in Grand Teton National Park’s Gros Ventre region

Flickr/Wicked Dark Photography

#2  In Cokeville, there is an abandoned petrol station


#3  On Highway 14, near Devil’s Tower, there is an abandoned home

Flickr/Bradley Fulton

#4  An abandoned Wyoming house that is definitely not safe to live in

Flickr/faungg’s photos

#5  The inside of a deserted farm home

Arctic Images/Stone Collection via Getty Images

#6  Cars that have been abandoned in Bossier, Wyoming

Flickr/Mark Ryan

#7  Between Cheyenne and Pine Bluffs, there is an abandoned service station

Flickr/Coulter Underman

#8  In Miner’s Delight, there is an abandoned cabin


#9  Shoshoni’s abandoned shop

Flickr/Neal Wellons

#10  A Wyoming cabin that has been abandoned

Flickr/Kxlly Kxsh

#11  Powder River’s Tumble Inn & Lounge Cafe has been abandoned

Flickr/Kent Kanouse

#12  In Cheyenne, there is an abandoned power plant

Flickr/Coulter Underman

#13  Star Valley’s abandoned farm and horse-drawn plow


#14  South Pass City’s abandoned Carissa Mine

Flickr/Doug Letterman

#15  Auburn’s abandoned house


Abandoned Wyoming is a fascinating place to visit. When some of these locations are fresh and functioning, it’s difficult to fathom their vivid pasts, but it’s sentimental to try. Have you seen any of these? Do you know of any additional abandoned locations in Wyoming that we missed or ghost towns in Wyoming that we should visit?

What other abandoned locations can I visit in Wyoming?

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What about Wyoming’s ghost towns? Can you recommend any good ones?

Certainly. Wyoming, as you would expect, has a lot of ghost towns. Visit These 10 Creepy Ghost Towns in Wyoming At Your Own Risk

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Enough with the old, abandoned, and deteriorating objects. What are some of the most stunning and colorful sights in Wyoming?

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When is the best time of year to see Wyoming’s abandoned sites?

Although most of the abandoned sites mentioned above may be visited at any time of year, it may be best to go when the weather is warm. That way, you won’t be lost and caught in a blizzard, and you’ll be less likely to be taken by a ghost on a hot summer day. Best wishes!


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