Nature Is Reclaiming 9 Abandoned Places in Connecticut

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Nature is always regaining its territory. Despite our best efforts to subdue the huge beast that is Earth, our structures collapse and our earth cracks up. But, thankfully, everything occurs slowly and no one is wounded. In this situation, there are several areas around the state that have been left alone for far too long, and nature has finally returned to claim them. Check over these photographs and try if you can imagine the old human grandeur of these nine Connecticut abandoned sites.

#1 A little log cabin in the woods

Matthew Hester/Flickr

Nature seems to have attacked the foundation first, and is now growing in the cracks as well.

#2  This house in Fairfield Hills

Matthew Hester/Flickr

When I see charming residences like these left behind, I have to wonder what drove people to abandon their homes. For some reason, it seems suspicious.

#3  The Holy Land’s highlands

Tiffany Harkleroad/Flickr

Holy Land USA is a defunct Christian amusement park. The earth will eventually swallow this spot up.

#4  The most environmentally friendly greenhouse ever

CJ Oliver/Flickr

The plants within a greenhouse will continue to thrive even if you forsake it. They will, on the contrary, take control.

#5  The Pleasure Beach


The green has just recently begun to climb the walls of these dwellings, but with no plans to stop it, it Won’t be long until this area is reduced to rubble.

#6  This staircase leads to the stands

Matthew Hester/Flickr

What were once the bleacher stairs on a little Stratford baseball field are now food for the trees. These vines have taken over

#7  Shelton has seven abandoned railroad tracks

Trenten Kelley/Flickr

This one is extremely wonderful in my opinion. After all, nature was there first.

#8  There will be no more mini-golf here

Trenten Kelley/Flickr

Now I’m primarily curious about the composition of golf balls. Also, how could a small gold mine be abandoned? I like playing mini golf.

#9  Norwich Hospital


This facility used to shelter the crazy, but it’s now overrun with bushes.

What did you think when you saw nature recovering these spaces? That’s quite awesome, isn’t it?


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