Near Paris, France, Manoir Colimaçon: An Abandoned Beauty

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This magnificent structure was once a home with around twenty windows and a carriage entrance, built in 1882. Manoir Colimaçon is a late-19th-century home in rural northern France that has been abandoned. This home is known by various different names, including “Manoir Joachim Kroll,” “Manoir Beauty” and “Manoir aux Papillons Bleus”This mansion was built on the foundations of an earlier chateau around the turn of the century.

The chateau was originally owned by a local farmer, who did little to preserve it. He later sold Manoir Colimaçon to an Iranian engineer in the 1970s. This man attempted to refurbish the mansion in certain ways. There has been a persistent feud with the previous owner in recent years. The previous owner resided nearby and continued to pasture sheep on the property.

Tensions rose, and there were arguments as a result. Finally, the Iranian owner allowed the land to wither and perish after returning to the United States.

The facade of the chateau is incredibly spectacular and fairytale-like. The main entryway is draped in ivy. The pointed chateau roof has an imposing, almost Gothic aspect. On both upper stories of the three-story palace, there are terrace balconies.


The magnificent stairway is the major feature of Manoir Colimaçon. This unusual service stairway connects all levels of the mansion’s south side. The concrete columns of this helical stairway are blocky. The tiles are little white square tiles with decorations. In comparison to the rest of the home, it appears to be extremely out of style.

A filthy and sun-damaged plastic dome on the roof let light in. The light from above takes on an orange color as a result. The light seeping in through the little basement windows, on the other hand, has a delicate blue tint. This color contrast results in some interesting and atmospheric images. Manoir Colimaçon is quite stunning.

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The castle is situated on a peaceful road in a secluded part of northern France. It is constructed in the Art Nouveau style and has a frightening appearance. The neighbor who grazes his sheep or keeps the grass short with the mowers keeps a watchful eye on the castle. He does not look to be a pleasant guy. If he catches you, he instantly contacts the cops and threatens to have your tires punctured if he sees your automobile.


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