On Halloween, there are 21 Houses to Avoid

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#1 Houses are made of wood with pointy witch caps

Credit Detroit, via here

This house is clearly cursed, and you’ll soon be sprouting Latin (or any other ancient language)

#2 Unnecessarily lengthy walks lead to creepy mansions

Credit Location unknown, via here

Because you’ll be discovered there, right before the gates. With an ax protruding from your back

#3 Anything that resembles an ancient mental institution

Credit Detroit, via here

If you and your friends decide to “break up,” be prepared for the inevitable: death.

#4 The Little House in the Woods is a book about a little house in the woods

Credit Abandoned house behind Rockland Lake by Patty M

Have you heard a noise and one of you decides to investigate? Did they say something about “coming back soon”? They’re not coming back, to be sure. So sit back, unwind, and wait. You’ll be the next to go. You won’t be able to run since you’ll trip over a lot. Even if there is a residence within walking distance of this one, they are very certainly ax killers as well.

#5 Houses like the Bates Motel

Credit Coudersport, Pennsylvania, via here

Inside, a crazy copycat murderer is likely to be waiting for you

#6 The House that is keeping an eye on you

Credit Detroit, via here

Do you think this is the ideal location for a fun night of ghost stories, alcohol, and flashlights? It’s crucial
for that house.

#7 The house resembles a frightening old orphanage where a “mystery” fire occurred

Credit Jasper County, Texas via here

The twin sisters in white petticoats are still out for vengeance, so it’s better to leave them alone.

#8 That House on the Hill, to be precise

Credit Moline, Illinois, via here

You’re already out of breath from getting up the steep driveway, which isn’t ideal given that you’ll be pursued by the resident chainsaw murderer.

#9 An Entire Village of Houses that Have Been Abandoned

Credit Somewhere in Russia via here

So you’ll have to battle against a whole village’s worth of zombies. (I’m afraid your prospects are

#10 The House of the Clowns

Credit Detroit, via here

Clowns, as we all know, are not to be trifled with. Instead, stay at home and watch”IT”with the lights turned on

#11 The Old Farmhouse was built in the 18th century

Credit Ipava, Illinois via here

If you live in Texas, you should really know better.

#12 Houses that have the potential to swallow you whole

Credit Detroit, via here

Even before the animals live within, the health and safety risks would catch up to you.

#13 The House on the Hill with the Room on the Roof

Credit Tannersville, New York, via here

Have you seen the windows at the top of the building? That’s the chamber where tiny Jimmy stands and
entices his prey. One by one, please.

#14 The House of the Evil Glow

Credit Detroit, via here

Any property having a facial expression should be avoided at all costs.

#15 A house that could easily be used as a setting for The Walking Dead

Credit Colchester, Nova Scotia, CA via here

If you want to join them, there are half-eaten individuals chained up in the basement

#16 Although everyone knows the house is haunted, it is offered as a “fixer-upper” to some out-of-

Credit Unknown location, via here

Is it true that you are in desperate need of candy?

#17 The Lake House is an old house with a lake view

Credit Abandoned house in Scotland by Stuart Herbert.

Have you noticed a warm light shining through the window? You might as well simply do the unthinkable and fling yourself into the water.

#18 Blair Witch was most likely filmed there

Credit Detroit, via here

At the very least, videotape the entire affair so that someone may uncover the shaky footage and use it to generate millions of dollars at the movie office next Halloween.

#19 The Hansel and Gretel House is a place where Hansel and Gretel live

Credit  by Elias Hermansson 

What part of “she’s going to bake you” didn’t make sense to you?

#20 The house is surrounded by police tape, and vultures perch on the top

Credit Eastern Shore of Maryland via here

There was a murder here, according to the police tape. According to the vultures, they haven’t located
all of the bodies yet.

#21 You don’t want to run out of petrol at the House on the Empty Road

Credit Location unknown (probably in Texas) via here

A word of advice: If you’re going on a Halloween road trip, skip Texas entirely.


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