At a mere 12 years old, Blue Ivy Carter, the progeny of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, found herself entangled in a maelstrom of social media criticism due to her attire at the Grammy Awards

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The 66th edition of the Grammys unfolded on Sunday, February 4, showcasing Taylor Swift’s historic feat as the inaugural solo artist to clinch Album of the Year four times. Miley Cyrus secured her maiden Grammy triumph, Céline Dion made a surprising appearance, and a plethora of awkward mishaps marked the event.

Image credits: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Nonetheless, when the Carter family graced the Arena in Los Angeles, where the Grammys unfolded, their youngest member briefly seized the spotlight, drawing attention of both positive and negative hues.

Forgoing the red carpet, the pre-teen, accompanied by her illustrious parents, later emerged in the audience following Fantasia Barrino’s rendition of the iconic Tina Turner tribute.

Images of Blue Ivy’s ensemble from the ceremony swiftly circulated online, particularly among fan accounts devoted to the young luminary, prompting some to critique her fashion choice as overly “mature,” as reported by VT.

Blue Ivy donned an off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood Couture midi dress, adorned with a corseted bodice and a skirt reminiscent of Cinderella’s puffiness.

Image credits: Francis Specker/CBS

To offset the gown’s elegance, she paired it with casually crinkled white platform Larroude Dolly boots, valued at approximately $475, elevating her stature. Accompanying the ensemble was a resplendent white clutch, according to the Daily Mail.

However, Blue Ivy’s sartorial choice garnered disapproval from a faction, with much of the criticism directed toward her renowned parents.

One commentator, as per In Touch, expressed, “I typically refrain from commenting on matters such as these, but this is a 12-year-old CHILD. A child need not assume a grown-up appearance with artificial nails and cleavage. Allow children to revel in their innocence.”

Echoing the sentiment, another observer remarked, “She’s not an adult; she’s a 12-year-old, a beautiful child. Yet, the attire is excessively mature for her age.”

Conversely, some lauded Blue Ivy’s refined style, with one admirer noting, “She is exquisite—a perfect amalgamation of her mother and father.”

Another voice chimed in, saying, “We anticipate nothing less from our Queen B. She raised an admirable young lady. Blue, you are flawless! Our affection extends to you and your family.”

The Grammy ceremony also witnessed additional drama involving the Carters, as Jay-Z seized the moment during his acceptance speech for the Recording Academy’s Dr. Dre Global Impact Award.

Accepting the accolade, the 54-year-old hip-hop luminary declared, “We implore you all to attain accuracy. Or, at the very least, approximate it. Understandably, it’s subjective. There’s no obligation to applaud every instance.”

“Subjectivity pervades music—an art form grounded in opinion. Yet, ponder this: a certain individual, without wanting to embarrass her, boasts more Grammys than everyone else but has never clinched Album of the Year.”

This wasn’t the sole point of contention the Carters introduced at the ceremony, as Jay-Z’s speech seemed alluding to Beyoncé, who boasts 29 Grammys in her illustrious career.

Image credits: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Blue Ivy stands as the firstborn of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Just two days post her birth, Time anointed her “the most renowned infant globally.” On that very day, her vocals featured on her father’s track, “Glory,” earning her a Guinness World Record as the youngest individual to have a charted song on any Billboard chart.

In 2020, Blue Ivy contributed to her mother’s single, “Brown Skin Girl,” securing a BET Award—an unprecedented feat for the youngest BET Award winner. Additionally, she earned a Grammy Award for Best Music Video for the same song, solidifying her status as the youngest individually credited Grammy Award recipient.

The contentious nature of Blue Ivy’s attire continued to fuel divided opinions across social media platforms.


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