30 Times Tattoo Artists Created Spectacular Birthmark And Scar Cover-Up Tattoos (New Pics)

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Scars are a natural part of life and frequently serve as a reminder of all the foolish and idiotic things we have done. Sadly, they can occasionally serve as a distressing reminder of events we’d want to forget. Fortunately, there are skilled tattoo artists who can transform these scars into something lovely.

People who had tattoos done to cover up scars and birthmarks are posting pictures of the results online, and it’s incredible to see what some skilled artists can achieve. See a gallery of the best scar cover-up tattoos below, and if you want to see more, check out our past articles here and here!

#1 The most significant tattoo I have ever had. This Incredible Woman’s Scar Cover-Up. I’m at a loss for words to express this process

Image source: danasha.tattoo

We got in touch with Jesse Whitley, the proprietor of Stagecoach Tattoo Co. in Lubbock, Texas, to find out more about these delicate cover-ups. Jesse told Bored Panda that while scar tissue may be tattooed directly over birthmarks, “the most skilled artists can work with or around birthmarks”Tattooing over a scar really causes the scar tissue to break down.

Whitley did point out that the tattoo artist’s capacity to create a high-quality tattoo in and around the afflicted region will be influenced by how severe the scar is.”You have to realize that tattooing over a scar is different from tattooing on normal, undamaged skin because it is a distinct type of skin and retains ink differently.”

#2 Amazing Custom Project Based On a Scar. I suppose I might refer to it as “scar upcycling”

Image source: nein666_tattoo

#3 Ink on a scar

Image source: camurtattoo

#4 Rock with a Lily. Based on the client’s birthmark, the design

Image source: studiobysol

#5 A cover for a domestic burn from childhood

Image source: pinkdermographie

Health professionals claim that scarred skin is tougher and more uneven than normal skin, which makes it less able to absorb ink.

Additionally, the ink may move, making the tattoo appear smeared or indistinct. So it’s crucial that consumers pick an accomplished artist.

Everybody has a unique body. This implies that everyone has a distinct threshold for pain. Scar tissue, however, typically responds to the needle more quickly. Getting a cover-up tattoo may be very unpleasant for some people, particularly those whose scars have resulted in nerve damage or compression.

#6 This is brilliant

Image source: hellcock

#7 Take A Look at This Incredible Before and After Image Created by Our Artist, Gustavo

Image source: empowertattoo

#8 I am at a loss for words to express how much I was anticipating doing this work and everything else that is to come

Image source: raquelgauthier

Designer and creative director Deepali Masand is one of the persons whose tattoos you may see on this list. We got in touch with her, and Deepali consented to tell us her tale; she was frank about how she came up with this lovely kitty design.

When she was 13 and was involved in an automobile accident, everything began. Deepali had a significant burn-like scar on her left arm after becoming wedged between the road and the automobile.

#9 Make the most of your resources

Image source: tomsandys

#10 With my first tattoo, I concealed old scars from self-harm

Image source: henrytwood

#11 This tattoo is for hiding scars

Image source: Yulinka17

#12 I enjoyed this

Image source: pat_theblackcattattoo

#13 Sometimes it is sufficient to subtly integrate a scar rather than conceal it

Image source: dimistattoo

Everyone recommended cosmetic surgery in 2003, when the scar was still recent, she recalled to Bored Panda. “But as time went on, I grew really at ease with that scar. I wasn’t really bothered anymore”

“Then jump ahead to 2018, the year I lost my first furry child. That [also] left me scarred. For the Inktober theme “Tranquil,”I created this drawing as a tribute to his death. However, this year, as I approached my 30th birthday, I made the decision to get a tattoo. I had been planning to do so for a very long time”

#14 Something a Little Distinct. highlighted the birthmark of a good friend of mine

Image source: jwhitley2041

#15 My nephew finally got a tattoo to hide his burn scars. I Love My Boy So Much! made me happy and made me smile at the same time

Image source: ImaGeisha4u

#16 Running Across My Scar, My Dog

Image source: FLSTSBrider

#17 Hooked

Image source: halfrican_art

#18 We covered this 40-year-old scar with some cherry blossoms and butterflie

Image source: p.ink.y_pix_kpt

The designer claimed to have had a revelation. “I was awakened by it in the wee hours. I had to use a lovely memory to hide my scar. I immediately contacted my incredibly brilliant and close friend Arnab.”

He is also a [fantastic] tattoo and graffiti artist, and when he heard about this idea, he was ecstatic.

#19 I’ve finally taken action with my scar

Image source: Dasgoog

This was Deepali’s first machine tattoo, she said, adding,”I had a handful of needle pokes on me as Tests””Since a buddy was going to tattoo me, the procedure went rather well. Because he loves animals as much as I do, I had the highest confidence in him, and he merely gave me the same”

”Arnab modified my illustration by drawing inspiration from it. We had concepts along the way, including a Van Gogh-like moon in green and blue inks and a little scar that could be seen through the texture of the moon’s craters. It was intended to pay tribute to both my pet and the scar’s memory”

#20 The procedure for healing the wounds

Image source: medikaldovmeler

#21 Got This Rad Wine Glass With A Birthmark To Work Today

Image source: guesspre

#22 Fishbone Turning Scar

Image source: pimpotattoo

#23 The tattoos with better backstories are scars

Image source: screaminktattoos_

#24 Tattoo Cover-Up for a C-Section

Image source: ngocliketattoo

#25 We carried on a project that I was eager to work on and really enjoyed. Between birthmarks that have evolved into clouds, a sleeve of snowflakes

Image source: nimketattoo

#26 One method of avoiding a scar

Image source: michaelmansfieldtattoos

#27 Reflect twice

Image source: gunyks.ink

#28 I chose to get a tattoo over my scars after 6 years, several laser scar removal sessions, and scar strips, and I’m happy with the outcome

Image source: Round-Net-2260

#29 A birthmark with a paw print tattoo

Image source: hneuburger33

#30 Covering Scars

Image source: michallyszczarz_dotbull


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