The annual “Elaine Dance Contest” Names the Seinfeld Fan Who Best Captures the Signature Dance

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It’s been two decades since the iconic sitcom ‘Seinfeld’ concluded, yet its charm remains imprinted in many fans’ memories. Among the myriad humorous moments, Elaine Benes’ peculiar dance, portrayed brilliantly by Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the episode “The Little Kicks” of season eight, stands out as an unforgettable visual jest.

George Costanza labeled the dance “a full-bodied dry heave set to music.” This eccentric routine hasn’t just been a memorable scene—it has grown into a celebrated part of the series’ comedic heritage. Every year, the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league baseball team from Coney Island, organize the “Elaine Dance Contest.” The challenge? To best replicate Louis-Dreyfus’ iconic dance moves. The most accurate rendition is then awarded the title of the night.

This contest highlights the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Seinfeld Night, an event teeming with activities inspired by the show. However, attendees eagerly await the “Elaine Dance Contest.” Showcasing this enthusiasm, the Brooklyn Cyclones recently showcased a compilation of the standout performances on their Instagram. Participants, donning outfits mirroring Elaine’s distinct 90s style, attempted to master her signature flurry of kicks and knee bends, all while ensuring the thumbs were prominently up, an essential element of the dance.

While many participants flawlessly channeled Louis-Dreyfus’s distinct moves, Mary Notari emerged victorious. Adorning attire akin to Elaine Benes’ typical office ensemble, Notari captured the dance’s essence and conveyed immense joy in her performance.

To sum it up, the Brooklyn Cyclones’ annual “Elaine Dance Contest” pays homage to a Seinfeld episode that etched Elaine’s unforgettable dance into the annals of television comedy.

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