The remarkable story of the youngest Titanic survivor, who survived to 97 and objected to seeing James Cameron’s film

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The world has long been fascinated with the ill-fated voyage of the RMS Titanic, which tragically sank in April 1912. This catastrophic event and its passengers were again thrust into the limelight when the sunken ship’s remnants were discovered on September 1, 1985, a staggering 73 years after it met its watery grave.

Millvina Dean and her mother. Public domain

Born merely two months before the disaster, Millvina Dean is the youngest survivor of the Titanic tragedy. She embarked on the infamous journey with her family, intending to start a new life in Kansas City, Missouri. The Deans’ trip on the Titanic, however, was unplanned. They were forced to switch vessels due to a coal strike, leading them to trade their original tickets for third class aboard the Titanic.

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With aspirations to co-own a store in Kansas City alongside a relative, the Dean family had left behind their pub in England, eager for the opportunities awaiting them in America. However, their dreams were dramatically cut short when, on April 14, 1912, the ship ran aground on iceberg.

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Pictured on the deck of the Carpathia, which rescued trapped people from lifeboats, is a young child.Carl Simon/United Archives/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Millvina often credited her survival to her father’s instinctive actions that night. Unlike many who believed the Titanic was unsinkable, he sensed danger, ensuring his family’s timely evacuation. While Millvina, her mother, and older brother Bertram found refuge on lifeboat 13, her father was less fortunate. He became one of the over 1,500 casualties, a fact that haunted the family.

Following their traumatic experience, the Deans returned to England on the RMS Adriatic. Millvina’s unique status as the Titanic’s youngest survivor drew attention, with fellow passengers lining up to hold the baby.

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It wasn’t until she turned eight that Millvina fully grasped the extent of the Titanic tragedy. The profound loss of her father and the anguish it brought to her mother became evident as she grew older.

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Survivors of the Titanic disaster faced significant challenges. Many lost breadwinners and were burdened with the task of rebuilding their lives without compensation from the White Star Line. A breakthrough came when the company eventually agreed to a settlement. The Titanic Relief Fund, formed to aid survivors, financially assisted Millvina and Bertram Dean in their education.


Although the Titanic played a monumental role in her life, Millvina refrained from speaking about it until the shipwreck’s discovery in 1985. The newfound interest led her to attend Titanic events and exhibitions and share her story at various schools. Yet, despite the global fame, she avoided films and documentaries about the Titanic, fearing the emotional toll they might impose.

In a poetic turn of events, Millvina finally completed her intended voyage from Southampton to New York City aboard the Queen Elizabeth II in 1997.

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After a hip injury in 2006, Dean resorted to auctioning Titanic memorabilia to cover her nursing home expenses. Notably, director James Cameron and “Titanic” stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio generously contributed towards her care.

Millvina Dean received a donated 100-year-old bag that was packed with clothing. Ben Birchall – PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Millvina Dean passed away in 2009, ending the living legacy of the Titanic. Her ashes were scattered at the Southampton Docks, paying homage to the journey that shaped her life.

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