The creepiest abandoned houses in the world

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French Revolution caused harm to the magnificent château

Image Credit: Guillaume Souvant / Getty

The magnificent château was built in the 13th century, but the passing of time hasn’t been kind to the abandoned mansion. A crowdfunding initiative has generated money to restore the castle to its former magnificence. However, this property may survive better than the others on this list because it was crippled by horrific fires and seriously damaged during the French Revolution.

Thailand’s dilapidated river house

Image Credit: amornchaijj / Shutterstock

This abandoned river home in Phatthalung, Thailand, may appear to be incredibly attractive at first glance, but it is anything but peaceful. Its roof is collapsing, its walls are decaying to pieces, and the earth beneath it is slowly being absorbed by the water as a result of years of neglect.

Spooky student rental property

Image Credit: mundoview / Shutterstock

This abandoned home in Dunedin, New Zealand, serves as the setting for a horror movie with a cast of students, a terrible ghoul, and a dilapidated student residence. The sad home outside is covered in childish graffiti, which gives it an even eerier vibe. This is one house you definitely want to avoid.

Formerly a parsonage in Georgia

Image Credit: Regency Estate Agents

This five-acre Devonshire estate is home to a seven-bedroom Georgian parsonage, but it’s not the kind of place you’d want to retire to. The property lacks contemporary conveniences like running water and crumbling walls, as well as an eerie sense of stillness that permeates both the interior and exterior. Overgrown plants have been used to decorate the walls.

Sea erosion caused the house

Image Credit: Baldeaglebluff / Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Hundreds of people lived on the five-mile-long Holland Island in Maryland at one time, along with more than 60 residential buildings, before the population was forced to migrate in the 1920s due to severe erosion and rising sea levels. Prior to its eventual collapse in 2010, this was the last dwelling still standing on the island. It was fighting for its life and fending off the waves.

Shabby palace in the classical style

Image Credit: Knovakov / Shutterstock

What was supposed to be a magnificent neo-classical palace is now in ruins. Although the Darul Aman Palace in Kabul was constructed in the early 20th century, years of carnage and war prevented it from reaching its full potential. It now stands as a menacing shell and a reminder of what might have been.

Californian cabin in a dead town

Image Credit: Gary Saxe / Shutterstock

Look no further than this cabin in Bodie, a gold-mining community that came to life in the late 19th century, for a house haunted by the past. However, following the first boom, Bodie’s population of roughly 10,000 people quickly declined, and by the middle of the 20th century, it had become a deserted ghost town. You may visit homes like this one, which has been vacant for more than a century and meanders around the unsettlingly deserted streets.

Cobweb-covered log cabin

Image Credit: Dariusz Leszczynski / Shutterstock

Even though it might not appear frightening to be alone in a forest during the day, you wouldn’t want to be there at night. Particularly if you came across this enigmatic wooden house with its cobweb-strewn windows. This dilapidated shack of a house has a particularly menacing aspect; it is hidden in the center of a designated nature reserve in the Owl Mountains in Poland.

Former orphanage in Belgium

Image Credit: rphstock / Shutterstock

This abandoned castle may have a fairytale front, but its story hasn’t exactly ended happily. The 19th- century construction of the medieval estate included Nazi occupation during World War II before it was transformed as an orphanage and summer camp. However, the dilapidated palace proved too expensive to maintain and was permanently closed down in 1991. A few years later, it was destroyed by a terrible fire. Sadly, the stately house was later destroyed, but its creepy, iconic exterior will never be forgotten.

A political past for the Italianate manor

Image Credit: Realtor

This magnificent residence, known as Orr Manor, was constructed in or around 1865 by a local judge and was influenced by Gothic Revival and Italianate architecture. Even though we don’t know why the once-elegant home was abandoned, it is obvious that the previous owners fled quickly.


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