The royal guards adorably acknowledge a small youngster saluting them while wearing a soldier’s uniform

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In London, the iconic King’s guards are renowned for their stoic demeanor, rarely engaging with the public, no matter the provocation. Yet, exceptions do emerge that break the mold. One such instance recently captured the hearts of millions online.

Image Source: frankthesoldier1

Frank, popularly known as @frankthesoldier1 on TikTok, shares videos of a young boy – referred to as Little Frank – who imitates the King’s guards, donning their signature scarlet tunics and bearskin hats. One video, which has amassed over five million views, showcases Little Frank saluting a passing contingent of these guards. While most maintain their characteristic indifference, the two guards break from tradition. One, carrying a trombone, exchanges a brief verbal greeting, and another, from the rear, subtly nods in recognition. Overjoyed, Frank faces the camera, thumbs up in triumph, a radiant smile on his face.

Image Source: frankthesoldier1

“I was told about this,” commented @Kate, implying her trombonist’s spouse had relayed the incident. Viewers were deeply touched, with comments like, “@mhb_64 said, “That last nod brought tears to my eyes,” and @user315702643 noting, “Simple things can truly be life’s highlights.”

In another moving interaction, Forces Network reported an act of kindness from a Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals regiment member. Mike van Erp and 17-year-old Ibrahim, who has Down syndrome, attempted to capture a photo near a stationed soldier. Mike advised Ibrahim to respect the soldier’s space. However, the soldier stepped closer in a beautiful turn of events, facilitating a better picture.

Image Source: frankthesoldier1

“[Ibrahim] was a bit apprehensive around the guard, perhaps because of the guard’s dominant posture,” shared van Erp. Major Steve Parker, an official from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, praised the soldier on Twitter, “Seeing this Trooper’s act fills me with pride. He exemplifies the compassionate and robust leadership the BritishArmy seeks.”

Though these guards operate under stringent public conduct rules, which raised concerns about potential consequences for the soldier above, it’s important to note they possess discretion in their movements during duty. The heartwarming incidents remind these iconic figures of the human side.

Source: upworthy


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