This Photographer Traveled To Abandoned Locations Around Pennsylvania And Shared Ten Of Her Favorites

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Janine Pendleton is a photographer and urban explorer from the United Kingdom who traveled to the United States in 2018. This wasn’t your average trip across the pond, according to the photographer, as there was no shopping or customary sightseeing. Janine, on the other hand, spent her time looking for intriguing abandoned sites, which she describes as a passion that brings her all over the world

“In pursuit of undiscovered American jewels, I combed through websites, blogs, and news articles.” I connected with several amazing local photographers and we organized meet-ups and shared sites. The photographer remarked, “The months and weeks went past.” “In the days leading up to my journey, my map was a polychrome of multi-colored pins.” Each one was a charming relic from the past, dispersed among ten states. From the beginning, it was clear that this was going to be a terrific holiday!”

The photographer visited ten states, spending the most of her time in Pennsylvania, where she photographed 21 stunning abandoned locations. “I was so trigger-happy with my camera shutter that halfway through the journey, I ran out of memory card capacity!” Janine made a witty remark. Some of Janine’s favorite images from her time in Pennsylvania may be found in the gallery below.

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A blue boxing ring with a lot of color.

“This once-famous theater reopened in the early 1960s. It has been empty since around 2010. It will be dismantled in the near future.”

The Gothic Church, according to Gothic architecture (or spiky architecture), was a popular architectural building in Europe from the late 12th through the 16th centuries

“This church, which is almost 120 years old, has been neglected for the previous two decades.”

The Trolley Car Graveyard is located near the dead end of 19th Street in Windber, Pennsylvania (maybe fittingly) (Somerset County).

“This rusting collection of relics from a bygone period waits patiently for restoration in the woods.”

A wooden rollercoaster.

“This overgrown wooden rollercoaster used to be the primary attraction of this ancient theme park. The park has been abandoned and decaying for more than a decade.”

A historical governance structure

“The Classical Revival architectural style was used to build this wonderful edifice in the 1920s. Since the late 1990s, the building has been unoccupied.”


A trade school’s auditorium

“This spectacular Art Deco and Classical Revival structure, perched high on a hill, overlooks the city below.” The school was forced to close in the mid-2000s.”

We need a library or archive that is important to us.

“This room houses the papers of a French-American immigrant entrepreneur and philanthropist. This collection, which covers over 50 years of business, thoroughly documents his finances.

An elementary school

“According to the available information, this school closed in the mid-to-late 2000s.”

A theater that has been closed down.

“This auditorium was formerly a Catholic high school. Early in the decade, ticket sales became unprofitable, and the once-popular stage was closed.”

It was formerly a jail.

“Eastern State Penitentiary was in operation from 1829 until 1971. This decommissioned prison is currently available to the public for tours.”


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