We can all relate to this 4-year-old’s reaction upon arriving home from school after a long day

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One thing remains consistent about little kids, no matter who they are: they’re brutally honest. Whether it’s a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth or a few extra pounds gained, a young child won’t hesitate to let you know – often loudly and in front of others. Recently, a preschooler’s candid moment of honesty has captured the internet’s attention for its relatability.

Meet Jude, a weary and slightly irritable 4-year-old who’d simply had enough. Having just returned from school, he must have been asked something just before the camera started rolling because what followed was a moment of instant recognition for many.

“Listen. No, do you hear me? I’m cranky, I’m tired, I worked hard at school,” Jude asserts, addressing his father.

Jude’s mother, Amber Tinker, shared the video on TikTok, where it quickly gained viral status with over 14 million views and 1.5 million likes. It was evident that this pint-sized grumpy individual had no interest in whatever antics his dad had in store, and he made that abundantly clear.

Jude’s father, Justin Tinker, tried to playfully tease the boy about a little mischief they could get into later, but Jude was having none of it. With a swift retort, he reiterated that he was both cranky and tired from a day of hard work at school. As he mumbled something while making his way towards a barn, his dad called out to stop him.

“I’ve already taken care of everything – fed and watered. I even collected the eggs. I did your chores because I knew you were tired,” Justin called out.

@judemywildchild This boy has had enough! #HeyJude #Cranky #Tired #kidsoftiktok #Funny #Viral ♬ original sound – Judemywildchild

Even though his father had shouldered his responsibilities, Jude still felt compelled to emphasize his crankiness and fatigue later in the video. Both of his parents explained that they too had toiled hard that day and were tired, but it was clear that Jude had outdone them all in the fatigue department. In the end, he determined that a bath was in order for the evening. Perhaps his mom would indulge him with a cold Capri Sun and some softly lit candles as he soaked in a bubble bath. It seems that preschool might be quite the challenge these days.

Source: upworthy


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