71-Year-Old Sings After Finishing 2,650-Mile Pacific Crest Trail, Which Many People Don’t Complete

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Walking, a skill inherently ingrained in humans, can lead us to astonishing places – from mountains to streams, even volcanic terrains. However, modern sedentary lifestyles can cause our walking abilities to diminish, affecting our joints and overall mobility. But breaking the stereotype of age-related limitations, 71-year-old Pa’at demonstrates that walking can still lead to incredible accomplishments, like conquering the 2,650-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail. In this article, we will explore Pa’at’s inspiring journey, his challenges, and how you can prepare for a similar adventure.

Image credits: humping_north
Image credits: humping_north

Spanning around 2,650 miles, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) runs from the Mexican border in Southern California to the Canadian border in Washington, making it the US west coast’s most scenic footpath. The trail offers breathtaking views, ranging from icy mountaintops to blooming fields, deserts, forests, and streams. However, the journey is no walk in the park, as it presents numerous challenges like altitude changes, erratic weather, and temperature shifts. Completing the PCT demands four to six months of backpacking, physically and mentally pushing hikers.

Image credits: Jonathan Miske

In a remarkable feat, 71-year-old Pa’at completed the entire PCT, accompanied by fellow hikers Auti and Chris, who documented his journey. Despite the obstacles and hardships, Pa’at persevered and sang his way to the finish line, inspiring everyone around him. His journey, which began on March 17 and concluded on August 30, was an awe-inspiring example of determination and resilience.

Image credits: Dana L. Brown

The video documenting Pa’at’s achievement garnered significant attention on social media platforms, reaching millions of views and likes. His vigor and strength, both emotional and physical, left hundreds of people astounded. Auti and Chris, who accompanied him on the last leg of his journey, praised Pa’at’s kind soul, unmatched optimism, and grit.

Image credits: PCTA

The Pacific Crest Trail attracts numerous adventurous souls, but only a fraction complete the hike. The Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) claims, only about 14% of hikers who attempt the trail successfully finish it. Perseverance, passion, and preparation are crucial to overcoming the challenges presented by the PCT.

Image credits: humping_north
Image credits: humping_north
Image credits: humping_north

Preparation for the PCT is vital, considering the daily and hourly changes in weather and terrain. Physical exercises like yoga and trail running can help condition the body for the arduous daily hikes. Stretching is essential to prevent common setbacks like blisters and muscle tears. Mental training is equally crucial, as hikers must cope with being away from home and enduring months of challenges.

Image credits: Bonnie Moreland
Image credits: Mitch Barrie

Proper planning is necessary to undertake the PCT journey successfully. Depending on the direction of travel, hikers need to consider starting dates and snowpack conditions in the North Cascades of Washington. Obtaining permits through the PCTA is mandatory, and early planning increases the chances of securing a permit.

Image credits: pctassociation

Preparing for the PCT can be both physically and mentally taxing and may take longer than the hike itself. Additionally, the expenses associated with gear, travel, food, and accommodation can amount to a considerable sum.

The journey of 71-year-old Pa’at conquering the Pacific Crest Trail is a powerful reminder of human potential and resilience. His incredible feat has inspired people worldwide and highlights the importance of preparation, perseverance, and passion when embarking on such adventurous endeavors. While the PCT presents numerous challenges, the rewards of conquering this great footpath are immeasurable. So, if you’re ready for the challenge, start preparing now and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!


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