A man strolls across Tokyo with his 26-year-old African tortoise

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Dog enthusiasts often emphasize the importance of regular strolls for their furry companions. In recent times, even feline friends can be seen enjoying a walk outdoors. But a tortoise taking a city tour? Now, that’s a rarity. Residents of Tsukishima, Tokyo have grown accustomed to seeing Hisao Mitani guide his African tortoise on relaxed jaunts through the urban sprawl.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Bon-chan, the 26-year-old tortoise, often turns heads with his charming attire—hats and trinkets—handcrafted by a neighborly resident. When Mitani first welcomed Bon-chan into his life, the small creature could easily fit in his hand. But as nature would have it, Bon-chan underwent a significant growth, especially during his tenth year. Today, he tips the scale at an impressive 155 pounds. To keep him active and healthy, Mitani ensures Bon-chan has his weekly outings, even if they span a couple of hours owing to the many breaks they take, catering to Bon-chan’s growing fanbase.

“It feels like I’m the one being led by Bon-chan. He’s memorized our route and is very determined,” notes Mitani. We’ve elevated to the status of regional celebrities. Given that African tortoises have a lifespan of up to 150 years, Bon-chan is still young and energetic. Mitani shares, “Whenever I can, I ensure he’s out and about. It’s a great way for him to shake off the monotony.”

In Tokyo’s bustling streets, one might spot Hisao Mitani and his unique pet, Bon-chan, a 26-year-old African tortoise, taking their regular stroll. Their adventures are not only a sight to behold but also an invitation for many admirers who follow their every step.

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