Divers Feared When They Saw a Shark Statue at the Lake’s Bottom

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A fiberglass shark statue resting at the depths of Switzerland’s Lake Neuchâtel has been causing a stir among divers.

Tauch Team Buchsi/YouTube

This aquatic sculpture, approximately six meters in length, boasts an imposing grin that showcases the shark’s formidable jaws. Video clips capturing divers stumbling upon this eerie figure have been making rounds on various social media platforms.

Tauch Team Buchsi/YouTube

Rumors have emerged suggesting that a mischievous individual may have deposited the statue in the lake, perhaps with the aim of convincing locals that the infamous film ‘Jaws’ was based on actual events. Interestingly, some astute social media users recognized the shark and asserted that it had served as a prop in the 1975 movie ‘Choc au Lac.’

Tauch Team Buchsi/YouTube

Take a look at the footage below:


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