This butcher shop has a policy of always providing tasty treats to stray animals

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Rarely does one encounter a stray cat inside a butcher shop. Given the cunning nature of these feline creatures, most would instinctively shoo them away. However, in a heartwarming incident at the Yesim Meat Gallery in Manisa, Turkey, three amiable butchers took a different approach when a hungry cat wandered in. Instead of chasing it out, they treated the feline to a delectable snack. The heartening encounter was captured on video and has since garnered widespread attention.

Upon entering, the ginger-haired cat ascended a small lamb statue near the counter, standing upright on its hind legs, almost as if placing a polite order. The butcher behind the counter kindly complied, offering the hungry cat a few enticing morsels of meat. This was the cat’s customary request, as it wasn’t the first time the feline had made such a visit for a tasty treat.

Interestingly, several animals from the neighborhood occasionally grace the butcher shop, seeking a taste of the high-quality meats on offer. These visits are always met with open arms, thanks to the store’s proprietor, Ikram Korkmazer, who has a longstanding policy of providing sustenance to any hungry creature upon his establishment. Consequently, no stray animal will go hungry for long; they know precisely where to turn for a savory delight.

This heartwarming gesture by a Turkish butcher shop towards a stray cat has captured the hearts of many, resonating widely across the internet. It’s not an isolated incident, as numerous animals frequent the shop, all beneficiaries of the owner’s compassionate policy to extend a helping hand to any hungry visitor that crosses his store’s threshold.

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