Pedro Pascal Tearfully Discloses Being ‘Slightly Inebriated’ During SAG Award Acceptance

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Pedro Pascal, the thespian virtuoso, emotionally bared his soul as he acknowledged the coveted SAG Award for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series, a triumph well-deserved after his compelling portrayal in HBO’s The Last of Us inaugural season. Despite a slew of award nominations, Pascal had often found himself departing ceremonies without accolades, making the 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards a pivotal moment.

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Expressing genuine surprise and a hint of distress, the Chilean-American actor graced the stage to claim his trophy. In a revelation marked by a touch of inebriation, Pascal confessed, “This feels askew, for multifarious reasons. I find myself slightly intoxicated. I presumed I could partake in libations.” Gratitude was extended to HBO amid self-deprecation, as Pascal acknowledged the honor bestowed upon him, stating, “Geez Louise, I’m rendering myself a spectacle. But profound thanks for this! I’ve been a union member since 1999, so this is an extraordinary honor.” Pascal’s journey to acclaim commenced in 2014, when he breathed life into the character Oberyn Martell during Game of Thrones’ fourth season.

While customary acceptance speeches often feature tributes to fellow nominees, Pascal humorously admitted to a momentary lapse in memory regarding their identities, eliciting laughter from the audience. The roster included luminaries such as Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen, Brian Cox from Succession, and Billy Crudup from The Morning Show.

In a candid denouement, Pascal, after expressing gratitude to The Last of Us creators and jesting about his perceived lack of other skills or interests, concluded by declaring, “I’m on the verge of a panic attack, and I shall make a hasty exit.” Subsequent to his impassioned address, Pascal confided to Tan France in a backstage interview, “I’m uncertain of my utterances. Let’s peruse it on YouTube later.”

Having already faced disappointment at the Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice Award, and Emmy ceremonies—all yielding to Culkin—Pascal had anticipated a recurring theme. Culminating in a jesting challenge on stage at the Golden Globes, Pascal was asked about their pretend awards season feud, to which he cryptically divulged his post-ceremony plans: “I intend to engage in passionate discourse with Kieran.”

In the poignant acceptance of his SAG Award, Pedro Pascal emotionally disclosed his slight inebriation, marking a distinctive chapter in his illustrious career.

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