Resort that is now deserted | Northern Ontario abandoned

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A dedicated follower who regularly shares intriguing spots he comes across during his travels recently introduced me to an abandoned resort in Northern Ontario. The pictures arrived in my inbox in the late spring of 2020 and instantly intrigued me. Its isolated location could be an ideal setting for my astrophotography expeditions.






Marking it as my destination, I embarked on one of my extended summer journeys to capture a summer meteor shower. After an endless drive, I was greeted by an eerie silence. The once-thriving area resembled a ghost town, with the COVID-19 pandemic having effectively decimated its tourist appeal.

The resort’s history remains a mystery to me. I couldn’t ascertain its opening date, but indications of its longevity were evident. Traces of renovations, like an unfinished roof replacement and halted landscaping projects, hinted at an interrupted attempt to breathe life into the place.






The remote setting was a photographer’s delight. I lost track of time wandering through the resort’s desolate structures. I sought a scenic spot to watch the setting sun as dusk approached. Stumbling upon an old park with a forgotten boat ramp, I decided it was the perfect location to set up my hammock. I immersed myself in capturing time-lapses while savoring chilled beers under a gradually darkening sky.







Nightfall turned the scene even more enchanting. I returned to the resort, equipped with my bedding, camera tools, sustenance, and more beer. The sky was an explosion of celestial wonders. With hardly any light pollution in this secluded northern corner, I was treated to an awe-inspiring display of stars, meteors, and shooting stars. The footage I secured that night was nothing short of breathtaking.








As the night deepened, I succumbed to fatigue. Nestling into my makeshift bed, I took a moment to appreciate the surreal experience: slumbering as the sole guest in a forsaken Northern Ontario resort.








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