Health Blogger Discloses The Truth in Regards to Instagram Images

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How many of the amazing photos of highly handsome people that Instagram is full of do you think are being absolutely honest about it? All things considered, you might need to reevaluate some of your Instagram tops picks after taking a closer look at Sara Puhto’s Instagram account.

A 20-year-old Finnish health blogger dubbed a series of photos “Instagram vs. real life” and contrasted snaps of her in casual attire with those shot only seconds afterward. But this time, she made advantage of the angle of the camera and her own position to produce these astounding contrasts.

Through her collection of images, Sara hopes to convey the idea that none of us can or should be flawless and that finding our own sense of worth and acceptance can help us get to a place that not even a million Instagram likes could match.

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Sara Puhto, a health blogger, has created a set of photos in which she quickly alters her
physique using the camera angle and her own position.

The main premise behind Sara’s assignment is this.
Instagram vs. real life

A year ago, if I had seen the photo on the left, I would have immediately had negative thoughts about my appearance, believed that all of my hard work in the gym had been for nothing, and believed that I wasn’t working hard enough. But the reality is that everybody appears differently. Nobody’s bottom appears to be round and perfect from every angle. Everybody’s body differs from angle to angle.

To “look good on a holiday” or to “look nice in bikini shots,” don’t cut back on your favorite foods or beverages, skip out on your favorite meals, or overexert yourself. There will always be “unflattering” views that could make you feel self-conscious when you see them. Instead, do it because it makes you feel good and not as a form of punishment to exercise and eat well. Start embracing and appreciating your body from every viewpoint, including your “flaws” rather than attempting to conform to society’s ideal of “beautiful,” which is so flawed because it excludes all people.

Don’t hate yourself just because of bad photos; they do not define you as a person. You look your best when you’re living life to the fullest and happiest. It serves no use to stress yourself out and miss out on opportunities. Life isn’t meant to be a competition about who can look the best, and we should normalize not having to “look perfect” all the time because it’s a ridiculous concept.

You are perfect the way you are

Check out some of Sarah’s other transformations:

sitting and sucking in versus sitting and relaxing

I used to be self-conscious about my fat showing while I sat down. When I sensed people were staring at me, I’d always strive to retain that stance and wear high-waisted pants, but you know what? I don’t care! It’s absolutely normal and OK for us all to be overweight! To safeguard our important internal organs, we require that layer of fat on our stomachs. You can be overweight and still be in good health! You shouldn’t be ashamed of it because it’s quite natural. As a result, the next time you sit down and see that protective covering, thank it for keeping you alive.

But in all seriousness, you don’t need a “flat tummy” to be beautiful; you don”t need to waste your energy sucking in your tummy! Despite the fact that people come in all different sizes and forms, you are still gorgeous. Do whatever makes you happy and comfortable; it’s your body. Wear high-waisted jeans if that is what it takes to do it! Nobody has the right to tell you what to wear or avoid doing in order to “improve” your body. Because you are gorgeous and special just the way you are right now! I wish you all a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend. Tonight I’m taking a flight to Finland!

These unedited photographs used to make her nervous, but now? She told TODAY, “I don’t get frightened at all.”I convince myself that it will be worthwhile if just one person benefits from reading my post.

The purpose is clearly not to bash fitness bloggers who provide nice images of themselves. Anyone who has ever felt discouraged when reading through Instagram should read this.


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