A veteran of the Great War who is 100 years old receives 150,000 birthday cards after raising $37 million for healthcare workers

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World War II veteran Captain Tom Moore embarked on an incredible journey just a month before his 100th birthday. He pledged to walk 100 laps to raise funds for the British National Health Service in his home garden (NHS). Little did he know that his inspiring efforts would capture people’s hearts across the United Kingdom and beyond its borders. In a matter of days, Moore surpassed his initial fundraising target of £1,000 (approximately $1,258) by thousands and then, astonishingly, by millions of pounds. By the time his 100th birthday arrived on April 30, he had raised over £30 million (around $37,753,500) for the cause, igniting a sense of hope and admiration nationwide.

Captain Tom Moore, originally hailing from Yorkshire, served in the 8th DWR of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment at the outset of World War II. Later, he was stationed in India and fought in the Arakan region. Moore expressed his gratitude for the exceptional care he received from the NHS over the years in addressing his health concerns. Witnessing the coronavirus pandemic’s toll on medical personnel and resources, he was driven to give back to the organization that had supported him so wonderfully. Moore’s compassion did not go unnoticed, with thousands of individuals, including Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, making undisclosed contributions to his fundraiser as a mark of recognition.

The United Kingdom wasted no time expressing its deep appreciation for this extraordinary veteran. An online petition quickly emerged, amassing over 1 million signatures, urging the knighthood of Captain Tom Moore as a testament to his remarkable achievements. Furthermore, the British public flooded him with over 150,000 birthday cards, all placed in a common area of Moore’s grandson’s school, Bedford School in Bedfordshire. Dame Kelly Holmes, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and English player Harry Kane were among the many well-wishers. Moore expressed his happiness on Twitter, writing, “What a beautiful day full of good wishes, generosity, and plenty of cake! I can’t think of a better way to end than by giving a big round of applause to all the NHS heroes who do a fantastic job for us all. Despite his advanced age, the unflappable veteran plans to continue his fundraiser as he sets out to accomplish another challenging objective of running another 100 laps.

If you would like to contribute to Captain Tom Moore’s remarkable fundraising campaign for the NHS, you can donate through JustGiving. Your support will go a long way in bolstering the efforts of the National Health Service in providing essential care and resources during these challenging times.

World War II veteran Captain Tom Moore’s dedication to raising funds for the British National Health Service through his 100-lap garden walk before his 100th birthday captivated the nation. His selfless act inspired millions, earning him the admiration and support of people from all walks of life. Despite his passing, Captain Tom Moore’s legacy lives on through The Captain Tom Moore Foundation, and his inspirational story continues to resonate with people worldwide.

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