Centenarian Sisters Celebrate a Century of Life Together. Three Sisters in Kansas Reach Remarkable Milestone of Living Past 100

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In a world where reaching the age of 100 is a rare achievement, it is even more extraordinary to celebrate this milestone alongside those who have shared a lifetime with you. Such is the reality for three sisters in Kansas who have defied the odds and reached the incredible age of centenarians. Frances Kompus marked her 100th birthday in November 2021, joined by her two older sisters, 102-year-old Lucy Pochop and 104-year-old Julia Kopriva.

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Raised on a farm in Kansas, these remarkable women have been close since their early days as little girls. They fondly recall their shared experiences, with Kompus revealing, “I always did what they did. Sometimes that was working, and sometimes that was fun.” Their grandparents, immigrants from Czechoslovakia, settled as farmers in Rawlins County. The sisters credit the simple yet active farm life and hard work for longevity. Without brothers, they took on numerous responsibilities alongside their parents, contributing to their strong work ethic and resilience.

“The younger generation doesn’t believe what we went through,” reflects Kopriva, the eldest sister. “We work today, but we worked harder those days.” The family farm became their anchor during difficult times, such as the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. They remember feeling fortunate to have wholesome, home-cooked meals even during those challenging years. One of the most significant changes they experienced during their long lives was the arrival of electricity on their farm in 1963. Introducing modern conveniences like fridges, freezers, and small appliances was their turning point.

The three sisters have shared countless experiences that have brought them closer. They have embraced the roles of mothers, grandmothers, and even great-grandmothers, creating a strong bond within their family. Their children reminisce about frequent family gatherings and celebrations. Following the loss of their spouses, these best friends chose to live in adjacent apartments, where they spend evenings enjoying each other’s company, playing cards and dominoes.

The centenarian sisters shared simple yet profound insights when asked about the secret to their remarkable longevity. “Thank your parents and grandparents, and put your beliefs first, I suppose,” Kopriva. Pochop, nodding in agreement, added, “I would tell them to walk a lot.” Reflecting further on their milestone together, the sisters offered one final thought, with Kopriva playfully remarking, “Yes, we eat well. And pray and make an effort to avoid mischief.

As another year unfolds, the remarkable trio of Kompus, Pochop, and Kopriva will celebrate more milestones together. Pochop will turn 103 in June, while Kompus and Kopriva will reach 101 and 105 in November. Let us toast these three centenarian sisters, wishing them many more extraordinary birthdays filled with joy and cherished memories.

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